Throwback to my 2018 travel adventures!


On this day, two years ago, I went on a solo adventure, a round-trip of 15 days through the Middle-East and Asia!

It is incredible how time flies! two years already, but the memories of that travel are still fresh in my mind.

As I am currently revisiting all my photographs, I thought I will share with you this amazing and once-in-a- lifetime experience that has definitely changed me and my vision of the world in so many ways.

Here is a little taster of the blog posts that are coming your way.

Hopefully my series of 'Travel Diaries' and 'Travel Inspiration' will inspire you to travel further afield and explore all the beauties of this world.

The first destination of my amazing itinerary was... Dubai

Stay tuned and find out all about it in the coming posts...


The Girl Next Door


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