Things you will see in Tromsø city


The natural phenomenons are not all there is to see in Tromsø! Aside from the beauty and charm of the little Arctic city, there’s also quite a few cultural landmarks worth checking out.

On our last day, we decided to have a little stroll in Tromsø city centre.

strolling around

When walking in the streets you will notice these strange little vehicles.

These are called minicrosser and they are only made in Scandinavia, specifically for Nordic conditions.

As far as I was concerned, this was the first time I spotted those and I found them quite funny.

Please don't judge me! lol

the shopping mall


Nerstranda is located close to Strandtorget in southern Tromso and is easily acsessible by foot and bus. The shopping centre also has underground parking with direct access to the 46 stores of the mall

You can also take a well deserved break and satisfy your sweet tooth at any of the four eateries.

the Cathedral

Tromso port

I also recommend you to have a walk along the port with its colourful boats and houses. From there, you will also get a very nice views of the Arctic Cathedral, Tromsø Bridge, and Mount Fløya.

It is a must-see in Tromsø!

They also say that during the New Year’s celebrations, it’s the best place to see fireworks and the place has the most festive atmosphere.

the pubs

The pub we visited had one very exhaustive beer menu with all the english ones under the "Brexit" category and the US ones under "make America great again"... how embarrassing!

So loving the norwegian's humour! lol

Oh! and bikes hanging at the ceiling! Don't ask why...

the food

On our last day, my friend Sandra and I agreed that we could not leave Tromsø without at least tasting reindeer meat! So we stopped in a little restaurant located alongside the port and we both ordered our Reindeer burger!

And we have not been disappointed.

Reindeer meat is great and it tastes a bit like beef with a touch of wild, like deer, but better.

Definitely something to try!

Also in case you are concerned about your cholesterol level, this is no junk food. The meat has nearly no fat and is high in protein! So you can definitely go for it! ;-)

Our little trip to Tromsø is now ending. I know... how sad.

Soon we will be catching a taxi and head to the airport, bringing back to London the funniest and incredible memories of an unforgettable winter break!



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