Safari in Kaudulla National Park


On my last day in Dambulla and I embarked on my first ever safari in the Kaudulla National Park where I saw so many elephants in a very short amount if time… it was an amazing experience!

There are over 26 different national parks in Sri Lanka, but there is simply no competition with Kaudulla and my guide told me that it was the absolute best option for getting up close and personal with elephants in their natural habitat. 

It all started with an extremely bumpy drive through the Sri Lankan jungle, while standing up in the back of the jeep and letting the wind blow in my hair.

As the massive 4×4 vehicle made his way through the muddy path in front of us, I struggled to maintain my balance long enough to take sharp pictures.  So you will excuse the blurry picture. This was somewhat a turbulent adventure.

After 20-minutes or so we finally made it through a clearing and spotted an elephant peacefully grazing underneath a picturesque tree and overcast sky. 

Looking back at this moment now, I laugh at how ridiculous I must have seemed cheering after seeing just one elephant…because a few minutes further into the park there were literally hundreds of elephants calmly hanging out, eating, and playing with each other. 

They say an elephant never forgets, but what they don't tell you is that you never forget an elephant

The weather was unfortunately not on our side and it started pouring down at some point. And sadly I could not take any good quality pictures.

Nevertheless, it was truly an unbelievable experience to see these magnificent creatures roaming around and never in my life did I imagine I’d be literally surrounded by elephants in every direction! I will never forget the vibrations of peace and true kindness that these big fellas were sending through.



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