My stay at Angsana Ihuru ~ The Maldives


11:00pm ~ After a 30 min speed boat ride from Male, the mainland, bouncing around in the pitch black darkness of the ocean, with a lovely breeze stroking my face and nothing else to hear than the sound of the engine, here I am...

arriving in paradise

I am walking my way towards the resort and I am met by a friendly and smiling hostess that welcomes me with some steamy towels for refreshing and some chocolate ice-creams and tea.

After a brief chat with the hostess who is explaining to me what to expect from my stay at the resort, I am heading to my beachfront villa, exhausted by the trip but over the moon.

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world...

It is completely dark and I cannot see a thing. But the calm breeze and the rolling sound of waves made my first night on the island a pure blessing.

and then waking up the next morning to this...

Kuribohshi Boli

Villa 7

I stayed in a beach front villa which had the bedroom connected to a dining room and a backyard that takes you right onto your little private part of the beach.

There is also a lovely swing, a comfy sofa and lounge chairs for private relaxation and chilling time.

What I also really loved is the bathroom! which was partially outdoor so you could take a shower under the plam trees and listening to the birds singing.

breakfast with a view...

the island

The island is intimate and you can walk around the entire island at a slow pace in a matter of minutes and experience the gorgeous turquoise waters, the white beaches, and the rich green tropical vegetation.


as long as live

These 4 days in paradise have had such an emotional healing effect on me.

All the heartbreaks and anxieties were becoming things of the past. The quietness and peace I found on the island allowed me to reconnect with myself and start loving me for who I really am.

During these 4 days, I discovered what happiness feels like and I will never forget it until the day I die.

While facing the vastness of the ocean I promised myself to never settle for anything less than I deserve, to live my life to the fullest and never let anyone treat me poorly ever again.

In a few hours, a speed boat would bring me back to the mainland and to civilisation.

I would fly back to London and return to the dullness of my life.

But as long as live, I will remember this once-in-a-lifetime journey and all the adventures and amazing experiences I have been blessed to live.

Travel changes you. And as you move through this life and this world, you slightly and unconsciously change things and leave marks behind, however small. In return, your journey leaves marks on your memory and consciousness, beautiful marks on your heart.



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