It is ok not to be ok


Have you ever been feeling bad about feeling bad?

Felt the pressure to put a smile on eventhough you don't feel to, just because you're afraid of how people will judge you?

There is a dangerous trend in our society called "toxic positivity"

There is a lot of pressure on social media to come across as though we are constantly living our best lives.

Many of us feel the need to cover up our true feelings with some layers of fake happiness, because "smiles sell"

Today on #WorldMentalHealthday, let's remind us that we are all humans and as human beings we are allowed to feel ALL our feelings, the positive ones and the negatives ones.

If you feel down, don't be too harsh on yourself. don't beat yourself up for not feeling on top of the world. Give yourself permission to be fully you! Allow yourself to feel whatever your feel without judgement.

When we deny ourselves to feel the bad emotions, when we silence them and bury them deeper without any channel of expression, they will fester and eventually harm us.

Staying mentally healthy is about balance. It is about accepting both the good and the bad emotions and not being ashamed to express ourselves and be truthful to who we are.

It is ok not to be ok all the time.

Be kind to yourself .Be compassionate. Be you.


The Girl Next Door

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