Better done than perfect!


It has been almost a week now since I launched my blog and even though I am now feeling some sense or relief, the past nine months has been a journey of hard work, endless internal criticism, overthinking and obsessive perfectionism!

Procrastination was literally driving me nuts!

Today still, I can't help but feeling anxious about all the little details and obsess over all the possible adjustments that I need to make to improve it. It never feels quite as perfect as I want it to be!

So when my mind starts spiralling out of control, I then stop and remind myself why I started this whole blogging project and that it was not about 'looking' or 'being' perfect but about 'being me', and suddenly, having that in mind just calms me down big time!

Do you also find that perfectionism and procrastination is somehow holding you back and backfiring your life projects or goals?

If you have trouble figuring out if you have a "perfectionism" issue, here are some signs that may signal that, like me, you need to BACK OFF and adjust your mindset.

  • You have incredible ideas, but feel unworthy to put them into action.

  • You become anxious at the thought of getting approval from people

  • You’re focused on the result instead of the journey of learning and growing.

  • You feel depressed if you aren’t reaching your goals

  • You believe making mistakes are a sign of failure.

We often justify our behaviour and call it with other names like "being meticulous" or "detail orientated" but in fact perfectionism is a real issue that prevents creative and intelligent people from showing their true capabilities.

Those who are suffering from it, know how painful it feels...

With some retrospection, I recently realised how perfectionism had screwed up so many of my Life goals and projects. Every time I was giving up on something, I used to blame it on the lack of time. But since the start of the lockdown, well... I could not really use that excuse anymore!

There was a bigger issue hiding behind all the procrastination. And over the past few months, I realised that this behaviours was really hurting me and it had to stop somehow.

A month ago, the CEO of the company I am working for did a little speech announcing a new strategic direction for the business, and he said something that, for once, really resonated with me.

He encouraged all his employees to adopt a ‘done is better than perfect’ mindset.

It was only a few words but it hit me! And I decided to find out how to apply that principle not only at work but in my daily life and see how that would work for me...

Done is Better Than Perfect!

When my mind is playing tricks and gets to procrastinate on something, depending on whether I am on my own or not, I now say this mantra out loud and repeat it over and over again until the words sink in and gets me to act and get "the bloody thing" done!

Don't judge me! It sounds a bit insane but this is actually working quite well for me so far. This is also the perks of living alone. You can do all sorts of crazy stuff and no one will judge you for it ;-)

So to all the perfectionist freaks like me, here are a few reasons why it is truly better to get something finished rather than trying to make it perfect.

Drum rolls...

Perfection doesn't exist!

Everyone has their own tastes, style, opinions, and desires and perfection is subjective. Everything on our planet has some type of flaw, whether it’s natural or man-made and nothing lasts forever.

We are all perfectly imperfect, so why expecting from ourselves perfection? Let's stop this madness of expecting from ourselves something that doesn't exist.

Perfectionism creates paralysis

yes! paralysis.. like stage fright... or like a rabbit in caught in the headlights

Stage fright exists because people worry so much that they are going to make mistakes in front of other people, and not be 100% perfect that they avoid performing in front of others.

We can get ourselves so worked up on how others may perceive our work that we are incapable to finish it! Procrastination is also going hand in hand with perfectionism. It is pushing back the start of a project until we are confident we can do it perfectly or make it look perfect. Which almost never happens....

you can't please everybody on this planet

It is impossible pleasing everybody on this planet, so let's stop getting worried on what people might think about us.

Some people will love what we do and some people won't. It is unavoidable. There will always be someone somewhere who will see flaws in everything we do. So what!

actually... nobody cares!

Almost nobody will notice our mistakes, and even if they do, they won't really care.

Everyone is making mistakes and only a very small minority of human beings, who generally have issues of their own, are living in denial of that fact. So there are chances that no one will actually point out our mistakes or judge us for it.

most things are 'fixable'

Nothing is permanent, so we can always fix things we don’t like later on.

There will always be a likelihood of glitches and problems in everything we do, especially at the start of a project. But it doesn’t matter whether it’s a mistake made on paper, or a virtual one.

There is always a way to correct things or to delete.

Even Mark Zuckerberg is constantly rolling out updates on Instagram & Facebook! So if Zuck can't get it all perfect from the start, why should we?

Every masterpiece starts with a sketch, and sometimes it is better to get that sketch out and share it with people, rather than constantly having a masterpiece in edit mode.

Life is short, we should live in the present!

Be present, enjoy the process, be happy! We don't know if there is a tomorrow.

This can apply in all aspects of our life.

If we focus on achieving specific goals, but we loose focus on the purpose and what it was all about in the first place, then it's easier to get lost in a sea of stress, procrastination, frustration, envy and any other negatives behaviours that come out of perfectionism. It just makes our lives miserable.

And Life is too short to make ourselves miserable over details. So let's focus on quality rather than perfection, and let's enjoy the process!

It’s not about the destination- it’s about the journey to get there.

The concept of ‘done is better than perfect’ is a mindset shift that of course doesn’t happen overnight and personally I am still struggling with perfectionism and procrastination everyday, but if we keep remembering how little this truly does for our well-being and our lives in general, it will be a great start towards positive change.

As per today, I am quite proud of myself and celebrating the fact that I managed for an instant to silence my fears and anxieties, and bring my project to life.

I got pass a massive roadblock and even though I am expecting many more to come on my blogging journey and in Life.

But I now truly believe that "Done is better than perfect" and every day I am one step closer to changing my mindset for the best and to achieving my goals and dreams!




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