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Dear readers,

Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my world!

It seems you found me in the ocean of the World Wide Web so let me introduce myself! 

my name is Ingrid

I am a '40-something' french-speaking lady, currently living on her own in a cosy studio flat in the magnificent city of London. 

I am working a 9-to-5 corporate job to pay my bills and like many of us I have always been dreaming of 'becoming' more, 'loving' more, 'travelling' more, 'experiencing' more...But for some strange reasons I seem to find myself stuck in a rut, broke and single most of the time​. I bet you can relate...

I am very much the 'next-door-kinda-girl', a  brunette version of Bridget Jones who continually seems to end up in hopeless situations. Gauche and speaking my mind without filters, some of the people I know will say I am a lovely mess, hopelessly in love with the idea of falling in love.

why blogging?

Well... Some of my friends and acquaintances believe that my stories and life adventures are somehow hilarious or dramatic enough to be worth being told. 

I am not sure that's entirely true, but I will let you judge on that.

Blogging is for me a creative way to share with the world the "real" me, with all my flaws, my vulnerabilities but also my resilience, passion for life, and ambitions. It is a therapeutic way of expressing my thoughts and feelings and dealing with the loneliness that often comes with singlehood.

Sharing with you my personal stories and every step of my journey gives me the motivation to go after my dreams and live my best life. And I hope that somehow this blog will inspire you to do the same!

now, the question is

Can a single woman, lovely mess in her forties, with a tendency to say whatever comes into her mind, find her place in this  world, live her best life... and eventually find love?

Grab yourself a glass of wine, make yourself comfortable and come read all about it here!


 about  The Girl Next Door 

There are so many lifestyle bloggers and influencers out there and most of them don't seem to belong to the common of mortals like us.

They all have this perfectly filtered and colour-coordinated social media feed, with every single post portraying a lifestyle of travel and luxury and they appear to look so amazingly perfect! Perfect face, perfect body shape, perfect romance, perfect lifestyle...

They all seem to say to the average woman: "Your life sucks and you should look like me”

Even though the display of their apparent idyllic lifestyle somehow inspires us to thrive for more in life, it can also become nauseating at times and breeds feelings of loneliness, unworthiness, dissatisfaction and disconnection. Most of us cannot relate to that kind of lifestyle and probably never will.

So, to all the ordinary women like me, here is my pledge:

Even though I am trying to step into the world of lifestyle blogging and will most likely follow the general trend of filtering my instagram pictures, selfies and  'showing off' all the exciting stuff I am doing and experiencing, I promise myself to not fall into the trap of 'faking it to fit in'! 

I will not pretend being someone that I am not, or even trying to become someone that I am not.

I will be and stay my genuine self.

Because it is not all about leading an extraordinary Life,  but about living an ordinary Life in extraordinary ways and to the fullest.

It is not about becoming the best and most popular at all cost, but about loving ourselves better and feeling good.

The Girl Next Door is a lifestyle blog for all of us, ordinary women, who very often struggle against our age, our weight, our lack of confidence and our many imperfections, but who are nevertheless very much driven by self-growth and determined to live our best life out loud.

It is a hub for women of all ages and walks of life with an insatiable hunger to live an inspired lifestyle, and for all those who like myself are on a journey to self-love and to become the best version of themselves. A space where I will share my lifestyle, my love of food and fine dining, my travel stories and experiences, beauty tips and love of timeless style.

Thank you for joining me on this blogging adventure! I could not be more grateful for your support and companionship on this beautifully wild ride that we call LIFE.